The people featured on this page are the leaders of June Sky. They are all responsible for driving the organization forward, from water rockets through HATs and to future missions in the cosmos. Each person below has shown dedication to the organization through its conception. They have being featured on the website because without their contributions, June Sky would be nowhere near where it is today.



Joshua Derrick: Co-founder and Chief Scientist

 One of the co-founders of June Sky, Joshua Derrick has worked tirelessly for the past three years on the balloons, planes and rockets that make June Sky what it is. With a passion for anything extra-terrestrial and a dream of spreading humanity across the cosmos, Joshua is prepared to do all it takes to realize the group’s goals. Currently he leads the science side of things at June Sky, designing experiments, analyzing data from the those experiments , and writing up technical reports. Joshua’s job at June Sky also involves creating 3D CAD models for its various projects including a 3D printed weather balloon capsule and a KNO3 rocket. In his free time, Joshua enjoys running and swimming competitively at his high school as well spending time with his dog.  During his third year at June Sky, Joshua hopes to see a successful entry into the Global Space Balloon Challenge and a functioning solar plane.

Hunter Hall: Co-founder and Chief Engineer

With his extreme commitment towards space exploration, and the future of the nation’s aerospace industry, Hunter Hall has helped fabricate June Sky into what it is today. Along with Joshua Derrick, Hunter has grown the notion of a organization that could create a sustainable and cost-effective means of space transportation into a well-oiled aeronautical machine. Under his guidance as co-leader for the 2015-2016 work year, June Sky has also risen as a group, from tinkering with water rockets, to successfully launching six high altitude weather balloons.  Outside of June Sky, Hunter is an avid athlete that competes on his high school’s University of California Berkeley crew team, as well as learning as much as he can from his classes at Cal and his personal passion for the great beyond. Hunter, along with the rest of the June Sky team, would like the company to continue on its current trajectory towards bigger projects, and higher altitudes.


Rohan Daruwala: Co-founder, Chief of Technology and Communications

Rohan Daruwala has a passion for software, computers, electronics, music, and aerospace. He was recruited into the team the week following June Sky’s conception, and since then has helped shape the group into the way it is today by helping the group forge ahead in micro controller technology. Managing the group with Joshua Derrick, Rohan dedicates effort and time to reach the organization’s goals. His job primarily includes programming sensors and micro controllers. Being a licensed radio amateur, Rohan is working with communication devices which will eventually be implemented into many of June Sky’s current and future projects. Outside of the group, much of his spare time is dedicated to playing music and programming applications. At school, Rohan is a member of the Science Olympiad Team and also takes high-level science and math courses. He also plays on New Trier’s tennis team. During the 2015-2016 work year, he will play a role as the technologist in the group, creating and programming the mechanics which will require microchip technology and communications such as parachute deployment, data logging, robotics, flight control, and long-distance data transmission.