Joshua’s Engineering Updates: Parachute Deployment Mechansim

Welcome to the first of many weekly updates on June Sky’s design process both in 3D Modeling Software, and in the physical world. Today, the focus is on the reasoning behind our parachute deployment system.

Circular Parachute Sheaths and above them, the aluminum door

Our goal for the parachute deployment system is simple, to create the simplest and cheapest system that still functions correctly. And from the tests of our intial system, this goal seems to have been met. At a predetermined altitude, an arduino chip triggers a servo to release the rubber bands holding the door. The door falls, and so too do the parachutes which have shock cords of different heights so as not to interfere with each other. And Wallah, soft landing!

When we return next week, be prepared for some very square packaging and the beginnings of the 3D modeling for the next project